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Finding balance in contending with real-life situations while fostering personal growth is challenging, but it’s an invaluable gift to give our children.
If you find yourself relating to my journey of personal development, and are looking for a personalized approach in continuing your growth to become the best parent and person you can be, I’m here to help!
Together we can work 1-on-1 to develop a framework that can help guide your children, grow with you, and meet the changing needs of your family.

Rates & Information

Session Duration:  60 – 90 minutes 
Rate:  $200 per session.

1-on-1 sessions are designed to help parents and children  balance their inner and outer lives, create unity, and build a supportive foundation for life. After the initial consultation call to better understand where you are at in your journey, each session is structured to address current needs while progressing towards implementing the personalized framework that works for your family.

Sessions include take-home work to complete and email support between sessions. 

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