Teach Your Child the Secrets to Living a Fulfilled Life.

Does your child often feel anxious? Angry? Angsty? Have you ever worried that your child won’t live their life to the fullest? What if there was a way to reduce needless suffering and help your child flourish?

“Lifelight helps parents guide their children to master their inner world and live a life of fulfillment.”

Introducing the Lifelight
Parenting Program

What if you could save your child years of needless suffering? These simple, yet profound stories introduce children to the deeper meaning of life. The video lessons help parents become the guide for their children’s journey through life.

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Work with Laura

Finding balance in fostering a positive yet constructive environment for our children to grow into their most fulfilled self can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be!

If you find yourself relating to my journey of personal development, and are looking for a personalized approach in continuing your growth in being the best parent and person you can be, I’m here to help!

Together we can work 1-on-1 to develop a framework that can grow with you – meeting the changing needs of your busy household.

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Hi, I'm Laura

I teach parents how to help their children cope with stress and anxiety to live their best lives.

I have over 25 years of experience working with children and families. I use my knowledge and education to best serve children and their parents on their journey together.

I created the Lifelight Parenting program to help empower parents like you, that are looking for guidance that is inward focused.

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