Puberty and menopause under one roof ?! (Books #1, 2 &3)



Many mothers will live through the experience of dealing with hormonal changes in their children at the same time as their own hormones are wreaking havoc on their physical and emotional well-being. Having children at older ages offers us this additional parenting challenge. In the interest of minimizing drama and increasing connection, I am strongly in favor of preparation and prevention in this area. Menopause transition can begin as young as age 35, and puberty is also following a trend of starting at younger ages. Chances are high that an ounce of prevention may be worth a pound of cure in this area!

It is more difficult to self-regulate when hormonal changes occur. This is because we are not just practicing how to respond to circumstances in the outer world (the surface), we are faced with the additional challenge of responding to changes occurring inside our bodies and brains. This is why learning to manage our minds and differentiate between surface and source are essential components to practicing self-regulation during these times. If children already understand the basic concepts of surface and source, brain and mind, lifelight and physical body, then they already have an advantage over others when entering adolescence. They will already have habits and well used neural pathways in their brains that will not be pruned during this very active stage of brain activity.

Having a repertoire of activities that connect us to source and that we practice regularly is essential. Having another repertoire of activities that connect us to each other is also essential. When practicing self-regulation and doing personal growth work, we often focus on how our thoughts control our feelings, but when our bodies seem to be controlling our feelings, our habits become even more important. Practicing self-compassion and gratitude, engaging in activities from our repertoire, and understanding the fundamental concepts of how our minds try to make us feel better are the key to surviving and thriving during this challenging period of life!