Lifelight Parenting Program

Teach your child the secrets to living a fulfilled life

What if you could save your child years of needless suffering? These simple, yet profound stories introduce children to the deeper meaning of life. The video lessons help parents become the guide for their children’s journey through life.

5 Modules


About The Program:

Does your child often feel anxious? Angry? Angsty? Have you ever worried that your child won’t live their life to the fullest? What if there was a way to reduce needless suffering and help your child flourish?

Most parents want the best for their children but sometimes we feel lost and could use a little guidance ourselves. Parenting books, scientific research, and advice columns can be overwhelming and often contradictory. Hi, my name is Laura Young, and I’ve worked with children and families for over 25 years. I suffered from debilitating anxiety when I was younger and never really understood what was happening to me. After having my own 3 children, I decided to go back to university in my 40’s to get a master’s degree in Child Studies. I focused on psychological resilience and well-being in children and adolescents. As I waded through the research, I began to notice some patterns and common themes between what I was studying and what I had experienced in my work and personal life. I created 5 children’s books to condense the essence of the science, experience, and spiritual teachings into a simple story book format that is fun and easy to read. Complex concepts are explained in a way that children (and parents) can understand and enjoy.

There is no need to struggle to explain these rules of life to your child anymore. These stories will unlock many of the secrets you’ve been trying to explain. Read these stories with your child. Watch the videos yourself to help you deeply understand the content. Enjoy the conversations and the introspection they inspire. Use them as guideposts for the journey of truly living this life to the fullest!

Lifelight Parenting

Teach your child the secrets to living a fulfilled life