How do I raise a grounded child?

Raising a child who can manage whatever life throws their way begins with giving them a clear model of what that looks like. Even young children can begin to differentiate between Surface and Source with a little guidance.

When parents encourage their children to engage in activities that connect them to Source, children begin to understand what Source connection feels like. This becomes an important guide for them on their journey through life. When parents are able to point out events that occur on the Surface, and the different ways people react to those events, children begin to see that every person can choose how to respond to events that occur on the Surface.

When parents understand how to use their attachment to their child as a guide, this process becomes even easier. Children are naturally guided by parental attachment. Differentiating between Surface and Source is an ongoing process, but eventually children can begin to use this knowledge as the foundation for self-regulation. This becomes particularly important when the hormonal shifts of puberty begin.

The importance of the preventative work of supplying children with the ability to differentiate between Surface and Source and providing them with a clear sense of identity cannot be overstated. When children understand who they are, it becomes easier for them to avoid over-identifying with Surface labels.This becomes particularly important as children begin to navigate life more independently.

Grounded people navigate life from a place of Source connection. This can be learned later in life, but imagine the amount of needless suffering that could be avoided if children understood and were guided by this concept throughout their lives