How to teach children about spirituality. Introduction to Lifelight Parenting.

Parents often want to ensure that their children have an understanding of spirituality and feel connected to the world around them, but this can be challenging when we, as parents, struggle to define what this means and how it feels.

We are often bombarded by mixed messages and vague definitions which leaves many parents trying to teach and model something they can’t fully explain. Is spirituality religion? How does it help my child navigate their way through life? Do we have to meditate? Is spirituality something only enlightened people understand? Is it a practice? Can we teach it? Is there science to back up spiritual practices? 

The Lifelight Parenting program combines science and years of hands-on work with children and families into a simple framework for parents and children to use as a guide for living life from a more spiritual place. Complex concepts are distilled to their essence and have been put into a storybook format to facilitate communication.

Storytelling is a universal way to introduce new concepts and is effective with both children and adults. The program consists of five stories that introduce the key concepts, and teachings that accompany and delve deeper into the concepts introduced in the stories. The basis of spirituality is introduced and explored in the first session. Having a clear sense of essential identity helps prevent the confusion of using various labels to define oneself.

The various ways people connect to this Source is discussed in order to help participants recognize and differentiate between activities that connect vs disconnect them to Source. The ability to differentiate between the brain and the mind is also introduced. These concepts allow participants to find balance between their inner and outer worlds. Parents can use these stories and teachings to ensure that their children learn to live their life on the Surface while staying connected to Source. This is the basis of living a spiritually connected life and the foundation of the Lifelight Parenting program.