How to make sure kids don’t get addicted to cell phones and video games

Once kids are able to differentiate between Surface and Source, and they understand the difference between their brain and their mind, they can be introduced to a third level. This is a level where their mind can be hijacked by ideas presented by others.

Children can learn how to consciously hijack and ensure that they can come back to a connected state. They can also learn how to recognize when they have been unconsciously hijacked. This is an important life skill and can help them become aware of using hijacking as a way of coping with uncomfortable feelings. Conscious hijacking can be both fun and an exceptional way to see another’s point of view. For example, reading a book or watching a movie can transport our minds to the third level and allow us to experience a different reality.

It is also relatively easy to come back from the experience.Unconscious hijacking can occur in several ways. Sometimes content is created to deliberately keep our minds on level three.This content is created with the knowledge of how our brains and minds work and capitalizes on the fact that many people do not share this knowledge.

Another way unconscious hijacking can occur is when it is used as a coping mechanism for uncomfortable feelings such as loneliness, fear, or sadness. Children and adults can begin to habitually avoid these feelings by engaging in activities that quiet their mind by transporting it to level three instead of connecting it to level one. This can manifest as consuming substances, engaging in risky behaviours, watching television,or playing videogames for hours on end.