Sexy comes in all shapes and sizes

Have you ever met someone and thought they were beautiful, but as you got to know them, they became less and less attractive? Or maybe it happened the other way around. You met someone and you didn’t find them physically attractive at first, but as you got to know them, they became more good-looking. This is the process of integrating surface and Source. It’s the ability to live life on the surface and recognize beautiful things, while staying connected to Source, which is the ability to see the deeper beauty. This deeper beauty can be described as the ability to see someone’s Lifelight, soul, humanity, or spirit. Whatever label we choose to give it, if we learn how to nurture our natural ability to see this deeper level, it will guide us and help us form connections throughout our lives.

Loving and accepting ourselves and nurturing our own connection to Source is the first step to learning how to love and accept the vessel we’ve been given. Teaching our children to be grateful and take care of this vessel is the key to giving them the strength to navigate the stories that swirl around them on the surface about what makes someone beautiful. It’s normal for us to look at the outside first because that’s what we see on the surface, and it’s normal for us to have preferences for what we find attractive. These preferences are largely based on the stories we’ve been exposed to on the surface. Teaching children to put these stories into perspective and maintain their connection to Source, allows them to see beauty in all types of vessels.

As they grow up, if they recognize sexuality as Source energy, and are able to temper it with a connected mind, they will be able to experience their own body as something to nurture and respect. They will be able to dress it up and make whatever surface changes to it they desire but will be completely aware that they are just playing and enjoying the surface. They will be able to enjoy their body, and the bodies of others, on the surface. They will also be able to connect with people at a deeper level, which will ultimately influence their experience on the surface. Learning how to love and accept the body we’ve been blessed with is often a battle. The ability to recognize the stories we’ve been told and the ability to put those stories into perspective is the key. Teaching kids who they truly are and keeping their connection to Source open is a gift all our children deserve to have!